For Michele Jordan, one of WebMD’s migraine bloggers, some of her favorite things – flowers and perfume – trigger her migraines.  She didn’t let that stop her from enjoying her favorite scents on a recent trip to Paris. Read more about how she manages to enjoy the things she loves without letting migraines become a “thief of joy.”

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Video Transcript

MICHELE JORDAN:  Migraines, they’re like a thief. It steals the fun out of life. It steals the flowers and the perfumes, two things that are also my favorites. I love, love, love flowers. Peonies are my favorite.

I love perfumes. I went to Paris recently and went to a perfumery. And I just love, love, love wonderful scents. Unfortunately, powerful scents can sometimes trigger migraines, even if they smell great. And so I’ve had to limit how often I use perfumes.

I’ve had to find different ways to clean my house with household cleaners that are a little bit more natural and plant-derived. I’ve made changes. I still enjoy beautiful aromas all around me. But I’ve had to make some changes.